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Today, companies of all sizes and industries need compliance programs to identify, prevent and remedy any violations of law or business policies. Creating and maintaining these programs is a challenging task, particularly in Vietnam where laws and regulations are constantly shifting. Vietnam’s harsh sanctions for violations have made it critical for companies to adopt a robust and adaptive approach to its compliance regimes.

At LNT & PARTNERS , we can assist our clients through these challenges by providing comprehensive compliance reviews. Our lawyers are experienced in providing practical, industry-specific legal solutions in even Vietnam’s most tightly regulated industries. Our multidisciplinary professionals, who are all experienced in working with businesses across a range of industries, ensure that you receive advice from all corners of the law.

Our clients have benefited from our broad range of services in our compliance practice, including in:

  • providing corporate compliance reviews in all industries and areas of law
  • devising specifically tailored compliance programs
  • providing training and education programs for staff

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