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Mediation & Conciliation

The growth of mediation has taken strides across the world as businesses become increasingly aware of its advantages – including its cost and time savings and the preservation of amicable ties.

At LNT & PARTNERS , we place great pride on placing our client’s interest first. Therefore, mediation is usually the first point of call that we recommend when a dispute arises. As valuable business relationships are often at stake, our team can take a less interventionist approach by working behind the scenes in preparing clients for mediation. For more complex and large-scale mediations, we can offer representation in negotiations with the counterparty to preserve your interests.

Our clients have benefited from our broad range of services in our mediation practice, including in:

  • representing or advising on all stages of the mediation process
  • preparing mediation briefs
  • advising on your legal and factual position in a potential mediation

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