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In today’s economic environment, businesses have become more cost sensitive. One growing trend is the use of outsourcing (including IT, business process and HR outsourcing) as part of their corporate strategies. In order for the benefits of outsourcing to be optimized, businesses need specific outsourcing models tailored to their individual requirements and capacities.

At LNT & PARTNERS , we provide these solutions. We work closely with clients to ensure that realistic objectives are set and a tailored business model is devised to ensure their business objectives are met.

We understand that outsourcing contracts often require specialized provisions to ensure IT components and equipment are properly implemented and utilized. Therefore, our clients will benefit from the practical and technical knowledge that our lawyers possess in the outsourcing field. Our lawyers have been involved in significant multimillion and multibillion dollar cross-border outsourcing projects.

Our clients have benefited from our broad range of services in our outsourcing practice, including in:

  • negotiations and drafting of outsourcing agreements
  • advice on outsourcing arrangements
  • provision of outsourcing strategies

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