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The pharmaceutical industry depends on watertight IP protection to flourish. As the pharmaceutical industry is among the most tightly regulated (and one of the fastest growing) industries in the world, there is an increasing need for players to get the correct advice from specialized legal professionals to ensure their life-changing innovations are properly developed, launched and protected.

At LNT & PARTNERS , our IP professionals possess the industry-specific knowledge required to ensure that your products are protected to the fullest extent under law. We pride ourselves on our experience in successfully protecting major high-profile or behind-the-scenes drugs and pharmaceutical products. We are frequently engaged by multinational pharmaceutical players keen to launch their products in the thriving Vietnamese market.

Our clients have benefited from our broad range of services in our pharmaceutical practice, including in:

  • advising regulatory approvals and compliance
  • advising on key IP areas, including managing product life cycles
  • drug patenting and IP protection

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